Donnah Morgan & abfablife

Well, who is Donnah Morgan & abfablife. Spring Ca

I would say I  have quite an eclectic background. My friends will tell you I am a ‘Hippie Chick’. I go in where angels fear to tread My son says that I am 30 in my head and need to remember my real age! My clients and students whose voices’ I listen to give me honest feedback.

Background to Donnah Morgan & abfablife

Born in the 1950’s post-war era, helped in parents shop from age of 10 (yes I just worked out I’ve been working for 54 years…! ) Became homeless at 17 sleeping on floors; got a break and eventually I started my working life in social work in inner-cites back in the 1970’s then moved on to become a lecturer and manager in a college. I went on to set up a Business Centre with colleagues; spent 4 years in a wheelchair had 2 hip replacements and learned to walk again; later a business woman running my own training company. I gave birth to a wonderful son who is there to remind me that he sees me as 30 years old in my head even though I’m in my 60’s.

I am now a “Mindfulness Facilitator; Spiritual Activist; ‘Tamer of Mad Monkeys! and all round DIVA” and will soon add writer to my achievements.

I set up my business ‘abfablife’ in the early 90’s and commenced teaching in the local village hall, I have one of those initial students stay with me throughout and she still comes to classes now so that 20+ years – yes we have had a journey together; when I moved venues she followed as have others over the years.

I have tried to make it my mission is to enable people and businesses to take responsibility for their own Wellbeingness and learn to stand in their own ‘power’ becoming whom they are and reaching their full potential. Much of my work has been a fusion of looking at practical skills and applying them to everyday life

Getting Life/Work balance right is no easy feat in the 21st century and we all have ‘Wobbles’ from time to time, so by learning simple techniques for reducing stressors can enable people free themselves from so many layers of constraints that wrap around them.

Over the years I have tried hard to spread the word that,’ if you look after yourself first then you can look after your world effectively’ and that this was not selfish!

I run Weekly & Fortnightly Mindful Meditation Classes in Bromsgrove

1 to 1 Energy Boost & Alignment sessions/Stress Buster Strategies

1 to 1 Mindfulness & Meditation practice

Monthly Mindful Breakfast

Monthly Wisdom Circle

I have a broad range of recognised qualifications including a BPhil (B’ham)/Executive Diploma in Mgmt (CMI)/PGCE (Greenwich) and I am also a Qualified  Meditation Teacher and Reiki Practitioner and hold a Diploma in Mindfulness from The International Association of NLP & Coaching.

Want to know more then just read my blog, Facebook page, and Twitter.