Brain-Fog; Mindfulness; Lethargy……& Me.

For the last several months I have been challenged with what I call “Brain-Fog”.  I ploughed through my lengthy repertoire of what could be causing it…..was it my SAD which attacks me every year but I have strategies for that…was it my diet…..OK that can always do with a check over……was it I was under-challenged and needed a new undertaking….?

Nothing was making sense…so time-out? I took that had a break.…I returned as tired and washed-out. All I wanted/needed was to sleep, would drop of any time but not at bedtime! Stare at the distance and do Nada! My short term memory was none existent, I would be in the middle of a conversation and totally forget what we/I was talking about…..I would lose my train of thought and go off into Diva world.

I continued to set goals that had to be revised…they were not going to get done……

OK. I managed my classes but forgot students names (some after many years)…..I explained I seemed to be living in a bit of a fog and called it Brain-fog laughing. I was still supporting clients/friends/students and often forgetting my NEEDS……it had to stop and I had to put me first.

So, what do you do when you need to reflect on ‘self’……run! No you recognise you need a bit of support/help and ask for it.  But what sort of help or support? It is different for everyone…..but you know deep down.

Help needs to be someone neutral……friends are great but they are easy to manipulate if you are of that mind…..and you can go off track like share a bottle of Prosecco!

I was aware something had triggered my condition and had put it down to the Post-Concussion Syndrome I had acquired after my accident last June where I had 17 staples in my head…..but it was going on too long. So what next…..

I decided to do what I usually do and take a few mindful minutes to meditate on the challenge…..I had been meditating on it but was getting nothing……so one time I just asked “who/what do I need”…..simple and just left it to the universe to chuck the answer/s at me…..Coming back from one meditation after a lovely visualisation but no eureka moment I was p****d off…..and went for a stomp (Diva Style…..yes the alter ego gets in the way lol!), during the stomp a name came to me…..(more of that later) an old colleague who gave up teaching many years ago to become a Homeopath……stomping stopped; got an answer; thank you Universe….. Later that day I was pulling a book off my shelves and spotted one I had forgotten……’Brain-Fog fix’ by Mike Dow; Universe strike 2 Ok! Ok! Ok! I was getting it…..I have to ‘do the doing’ don’t we all?

I started to dip into Mike Dows’ book and what I was reading made sense, however I needed to get to the core.  So contacted my Homeopath…..First visit yes very low energy and several intolerances……worked on those; had to be focused, second visit still very low energy…..intolerances shifted but energy levels a concern…..after further discussion and testing it appeared that I was being challenged by a moderate level of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) which causes persistent fatigue (exhaustion) affects everyday life and doesn’t go away with sleep or rest. I had a list of symptoms to consider as well as the fatigue, several were a match with mine:

  1. Muscular pain
  2. Joint pain
  3. Poor short-term memory and concentration, and difficulty organising thoughts and finding the right words (“brain fog”) WOW my words….!
  4. Bloating/constipation/diarrhoea (yes…you really wanted to know that!)
  5. Sleeping problems, such as insomnia and feeling that sleep isn’t refreshing
  6. Sensitivity or intolerance to light, loud noise, alcohol and certain foods
  7. Psychological difficulties, such as bouts of depression/irritability

My research showed that it’s possible CFS is caused by a combination of factors, mine look like they derived from my head trauma and previous fall (2 months prior – some cases have been linked to events such as surgery or a serious accident) & my Moms passing (some cases have been linked to mental exhaustion, stress, depression and emotional trauma)

Now I had something that was beginning to make sense…..I just had to get on with the changes……slowly a day at a time…..soooooo hard for me!

So armed with my remedy from Homeopath Sheila Oxspring; a second appointment booked for a month hence I went home to make some changes……

Brain-Fog Elimination Plan

  • Small simple things like sitting out in the sunshine (wrapped up at the moment) coz vitamin D is crucial to well-being…..when suns out.
  • Watch carbohydrate intake – need some but not overload
  • Eliminate any junk/processed foods (not a big deal for me!)
  • Meditation – (Research show that there is a connection between mood disorders like anxiety/trauma/depression and other emotional problems and that regular Meditation can help alleviate symptoms
  • Massage – I have booked a monthly Indian Head Massage with Colleen Budge – this can help stimulate the Vagus Nerve (Every organ in your body is connected to the vagus nerve, so there’s little wonder that stimulating your vagus nerve helps relieve fatigue, anxiety, brain fog and more. The vagus nerve is important to your sense of intuition, or your ‘gut sense’ which can help you to pay attention to tiny but important details that help you make good decisions.)
  • Gentle exercise – for me its walking
  • Water – to drink more
  • Mindful Breathing techniques – Helps to slow things down and help reduce anxiety/panic/anger/irritability/impatience
  • Pacing – involves balancing periods of activity with periods of rest, not overdoing it or pushing yourself beyond your limits. If you do more than you are ready to, this could slow down your progress in the long term.
  • Laughter & Happiness – can release the good chemicals in your body that help produce a sense of well-being.

I’m not going to overload myself but just be kind to me… I said in my NEW YEAR Blog 2016 is ‘All about me’ and if it take the year to get back some of my MOJO then so be it!

Putting off looking after ‘Self’ is not the answer – so if you have any niggling issues before they get bigger do something about them…..and go find that support.

So I’m off on my journey back to WELL-BEING…..and will hope to be rid of Brain-fog soon…..

If you find any of this useful please feel free to use it for yourself and share with others.

Until next time – keep Mindful & Breathe.

Donnah XXX

4 thoughts on “Brain-Fog; Mindfulness; Lethargy……& Me.

  1. Looking after myself is something that i’ve had to take very seriously over the last few months following a few health issues, and i have to be honest it’s not something that i’ve found easy, and whilst not there yet, it’s getting easier. Great Info Donnah

    • Thanks Mike, it’s a challenging road sometimes when you are used to running on full throttle but as you begin to pace yourself which does have its ups & downs you begin to look around corners and see stuff you have missed…..Dx

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