Visualisation: The ancient art of Mind Compassion

Visualisation and Mind Compassion

Visualisation plays a large part in the state of Wellbeing.  You will be aware that at the beginning of August I set a little 7-day Self-Care challenge for those who wish to take it. Today is Day 3.

This mindful challenge will take no more than 10 minutes.  It will reach that part of your brain that often needs respite…Your MIND. I’m sure if you look you will find the time and add a new technique to your Toolbox.

The Mind is in there somewhere

The Mind is in there

Why use Visualisation you may ask?

I’m sure your will remember as a kid you would daydream and imagine, at a physical level the superpowers you had when playing games like film hero’s/heroines.  Maybe just lying in the sun and let your thoughts dwindle and your imagination come to the fore, you find that space where you could escape from the day to day stuff that crowded in on you.

I used to drape a tarpaulin over the washing line, make a sort of tent with it and sit under it in the rain. It became a rain forest and could just listen to the sounds the water made as it hit the tent. I knew I was safe, warm and could then daydream… often forgotten skill.

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Laughter’s the word – You can feel its energy

Laughter the word of choice for today

When did you last have a great laugh…you know that belly-wrenching – tear producing body shaking – breathless few minutes that made you ache with happiness? Can’t remember well maybe it’s time to revisit your laughter genes… is a little challenge for you.

It’s laughter time.

Many know my philosophy about smiling & laughter.…..they go together like Fish & Chips; Morecambe & Wise; The Sun & The Moon; Compassion & Gratitude; Gin & Tonic. Well, don’t you all agree that a bit of laughter is great for the soul and everything else? So let’s have a go.

  1. It starts off with a smile, come on….
  2. Just feel it creeping up your face as you breathe in
  3. Feel how it softens as you breathe out.
Laughter and Smiles

Laughter and Smiles

Keep the smile going in and out it will fool the brain and as the right chemicals begin to be released in your body ( the endorphins).  You will begin to start to laugh; you will remember those long belly laughs that had you in tears of mirth; memories will surface and bring back those visions/moments of what started you laughing

Finding it a bit hard, this will help

I have several of these moments especially with my son and my daughter-in-law, just a look, and one word will start us off.  The one word for me is ‘Dickhead’.  Laughter will offer significant benefits to all six layers of your being to.

Laughter can trigger the release of endorphins these are the natural feel-good chemicals in the body. They promote an overall sense of well-being along with:

  1. Improving your breathing
  2. Helps you to remain positive
  3. Perfect for stress release
  4. Helps you to build relationships with like-minded people
  5. Let’s go of all that tension
  6. Lightens the heart
  7. Helps you to keep things in perspective

Laugh More

Come on get laughing a bit more – just start now, slowly, by being mindful.  You may just need to be more observant and begin to notice far more acutely the world around you –  this is where your laughter can come from.

Now you can  just start off with a slight giggle – I know it gets a bit embarrassing to start laughing –  just try to let the ego go and let the real you out for a few moments.  Who cares if you think you look bizarre no one! Will it matter if they do?  Not in the whole scheme of things.

Naturally, I use laughter in my classes at times, although it erupts from certain people when I try to get the group to hum. It’s an interesting exercise as the outcomes can be different in each group.  My students are all British there is this reserve they have at showing emotions.  However, in a long-standing group where they feel safe, students just go for it.  I’ve had comments from them about being so lively that they can’t sleep for a few hours after; they have lots of energy; how their energy had lifted and lightened.  It is a great exercise for your toolbox peeps.

Need a bit of a prompt? Well what about joining a Laughter Club

Yes peeps if the Yoga Gurus use it to promote well-being…so come on ‘Laughter is the best medicine’ you have heard it often…now give it a go just try it can work.

Laughing is Universal

Laughing is Universal....

Laughing is Universal….

Of course  it wouldn’t a Diva Blog without me digressing…..

7 Facts you can’t dispute…..

  1. You cannot put soap in your eyes
  2. You cannot count your hair
  3. You cannot breathe through your nose with your tongue out
  4. You did number 3
  5. When you did number 3 you realised it’s possible, but only if you look like a dog
  6. You’re smiling right now because I fooled you (sorry!) Will it lead to a laugh?
  7. Share this so you can have your revenge on others

Until next time

Diva x


Slow Down – You Move to FAST…..

Slow down…well, you either hear the call, or you don’t.  But at a gut level you know it’s there.

Do you remember the story of the Tortoise and the Hare?  The Hare belts forward rushing and racing around trying to get all things done and burns out – the Tortoise just calmly moves along and eventually completes all the tasks, no mistakes and still feels chilled.  Which are you?

Which are YOU?

Which are YOU?

Daily Slow Down Tasks

You know what they all are, however, we all need reminders.  Don’t try to do them all at once, (as if you would lol!) that would be silly.

Mindful slowing down is quite simple, but not easy. It’s important to get started and begin making progress.

It’s a little like a baby starting to walk. There seems to be no real progress until one day you stand up, and suddenly you’re up and walking.

Just practice developing the tasks you remember most until they become a habit and then move on to new things….simples.  It takes everyone different lengths of time so remember it’s not a competition.

When I first work with new students I ask them to slow down the simple daily tasks they undertake, through habit and by applying Mindfulness thus being in the moment; they get results.

 Slowing Down and Mindfulness

These exercises will help you to notice the speed at which you are moving.  When you are tense, this is often faster and more spasmodic than necessary.  This exercise helps you turn down your metabolic rate.  For a few minutes, consciously and mindfully do everything the slightest fraction slower.

Choose a simple activity you do every day.  It could be;

  • getting dressed
  • having a shower
  • leaving the house and getting into the car
  • having breakfast or a tea break
  • watering your plants
  • taking the dog for a walk


Allow an extra minute or two, so you don’t have to hurry.  Do every movement just the slightest bit slower.

Carl Honoré in his TED Talk discusses the need to slow down and the resistance to it through conditioning and habit Click to watch an inspiring discussion.

Therefore, using Mindfulness as a tool to develop slowing down, consider these actions as you undertake them:

  • Notice the pace at which you walk, turn, sit, and lift things.  In other words, be natural without rushing in all everyday activities.
  • Walking. Most of us walk quite a bit each day, but we rarely think about walking. We also don’t pay much attention to what’s going on around us. Our thoughts are primarily on wherever it is we’re walking to.
  • While walking, notice what’s going on around you. Feel the pressure on your feet. Feel the temperature of the air on your skin. Smell the air; yes smell the air – describe it.
  • Eating. We’re rarely aware that we’re even eating, and taste well forget that, for many it doesn’t even hit the sides….
Notice your Food!

Notice your Food!

Try a little experiment.

Take an orange and eat it one piece at a time. Bite into it slowly and take the time to savour each bite. Take a full 30 seconds for each segment. There’s a 50-50 chance you won’t even be able to finish the entire orange. It’s richer than you think.

Lots of Vitamin C......

Lots of  fab Vitamins C……

Avoid eating in front of the television or while listening to music so that you can focus on your food and the people with you.  When you’re talking, talk. When you’re eating, eat.

Take it Slowly when….

Waiting in line. Maybe you find waiting in line to be especially frustrating. Notice the feelings and thoughts that arise while you’re waiting. But avoid getting emotionally involved. Simply be a casual observer. Breathe in and let go, you have just been given a few minutes to chill – take it!

Observing your Body – Take note when your movements are hurried and jerky why? and again when they are smooth and easy.  Do you breathe easily or hold your breath? You may need to review your breathing techniques. We rarely notice our bodies unless we’re in pain or ill. BIG mistake. Our bodies are one of the primary ways we experience the world.

Avoiding multitasking. Just do one task at a time. You’ll get more done, and it’s much easier to be mindful.  Remember the Tortoise and the Hare?  Once you have become more competent with the simple tasks and let go of the guilt about not multi-tasking you are ready to move onto the next stages.

‘Doing the Doing’

Become aware. This means,  be aware of everything in your environment, as well as everything you’re doing and thinking. Keep your focus on the present moment, not looking back at the past or concerning yourself with the future.

Become deliberate. Focus on what you’re doing and perform the next logical step. Keep going until the task is complete. Be focused on the task rather than getting the job over and done with.

Notice your feelings. If you think about it, emotions are nothing more than feelings that we’ve learned to label. When your body feels a certain way, you call it “jealousy,” “happiness,” “fear,” “shame,” and so on. Our brains don’t have the ability actually to feel anything. That’s why patients are frequently awake for many neurosurgery procedures. It ’s our emotions and physical self that ‘feels.’

Regularly take a moment to notice what each part of your body is feeling. Think relaxed or tense? Then make a choice about what you will do – Rush or Relax!

Learn how to regain control. (Top Tip)

If you find yourself unable to be mindful, there’s a great trick to bring your thoughts back to the present.

  1. List ten things that you see. It’s preferable for you to list the items aloud. Describe each one in some detail.
  2. List all the things you hear. Close your eyes and listen.
  3. Describe the smell in the air.
  4. Describe what you’re feeling physically. It might be, “My neck is hurting. I can feel the pressure of my feet on the ground. My belt feels tight. The air is a little cold on my skin. My body feels tired.”
  5. Take a minute to notice your breathing. Count your breaths as you feel the air moving in and out of your body.

When you complete this exercise, your mind should be back in the present.

We are all aware of how rushing around leads to mistakes; Psychologically it does us no good what so ever;  Our Physiology suffers too; our Stress levels increase….therefore maybe today is the day you start to believe Slow is the Way to Go!

Just Chill and Slow Down

Just Chill and Slow Down

Consider one of the daily tasks you do and decide to slow it down….just one, get into the habit of taking a little longer and begin to see the changes.

You may need to adjust you time management tools/schedule of daily tasks, but you can pop over and see the ‘The Time Doctor’  for that challenge….

Let me know what task you decide on and how you get on….

Until next time

Diva x

Your world spills out of your bag

Could your world spill out of your bag?

I’m not going to collude with you – you bring about your own stressors by the choices you make. I don’t wish to sound uncompassionate but it’s the truth. However, that’s for another time.

Stress is a response by the body, mind or spirit to either too much or too little PRESSURE. We all need ‘stress’ in a positive sense; it’s what gets us up in the morning; out to work; off on holiday; everyday tasks; it keeps us bouncing around all day.  What we don’t need is too much.

Come and get it.....

Come and get it…..

How much is too much? That depends on each individual; some can absorb lots more than others.  We each have a responsibility to ourselves to understand our parameters. We don’t need to try and match everyone else.

Since we all have some stress in our lives it’s  worth knowing a very simple little equation as to how stress materializes:

“Stress = High Demands + High Constraints + Low Support, therefore, an excess of demands over the individuals ability to meet them gives and we have the Outcome – ‘Dis-Stress’”

It this YOU?

It this YOU?


So what are the symptoms you ask! Simply put they come under four headings:

  1. Loss of self-worth which covers; Low self-esteem; depression; withdrawal; lack of confidence.
  2. Loss of control covering; Confusion; compulsive behaviour; weepiness; irritability; difficulty in completing tasks; de-motivation.
  3. Loss of health body reactions these cover; Headaches; tension in muscles; indigestion; a backache; palpitations; high blood pressure; unaccountable pains and more.
  4. Loss of the ability to relax covering; Inability to sleep properly; waking too early; not able to settle to any one activity; can’t stay still; not easy to relax with others.

Most of all, each of these can be broken down further but starting somewhere maybe all anyone needs….Do any of the above strike a chord with you if so now maybe the time to start to take back control.  Not easy but small steps and don’t beat yourself up if you go backward occasionally – you can do it!

My Stress Journey – the big adventure….

I had a very big meltdown in my early 30’s which took me on my path to where I am now. I was a busy mom, a full-time manager in social services, young son, completing the 2nd degree, marriage disintegrating and I dropped my handbag. That was the point my life shattered, and I had a breakdown – yes that’s all it took my world spilling out of my handbag  across the floor and my life forever more changed.

Just gauge the state of your handbag/manbag with the state of your mind and well-being. It changed for the better (although it took me a while to realise that!) and my journey into who I took a new pathway and I never looked back. After several months of talking therapy, I began my search with extra help from my favourite mnemonic – 5WH when; where; why; who; what; how. It began with re-learning our lost  skills.

What I was told 6 years later by my brilliant psychiatrist was that I was one of the sanest women she had met but I needed to learn to say ‘NO’ more often and believe in my capabilities.

When does it all start?

Remember; babies aren’t born with ‘stress’ we chuck it all over them layer upon layer just like the skin of an onion….set them up to fail and wonder why we have troubled and dysfunctional youngsters.

Is this you? (Tick each that may apply –  source )

* persistent tiredness; exhaustion

* deliberate avoidance of things that need doing

* bodily tension, leading to headaches, migraines, upset stomach

* sleep problems; either can’t sleep or sleeping too much

* loss of appetite or increased eating of ‘comfort foods.’

* too much to do; no motivation to get started

* mind in a whirl; can’t think straight, concentrate or work effectively

* feeling under pressure; no time; often in a panic

Sometimes these symptoms can indicate a medical problem, and it is worth checking this out with your GP, but if you are looking for ways to manage your stress levels it is worth considering some of the things you can do for yourself at home.

So, where to start if you decide to break free of the ‘stress’ cycle? My suggestion would be:


Because we have often lived and still live busy lifestyles we have forgotten the skill of RELAXING.  However, the good news is that it is possible to re-learn this skill and benefit from it.  There are a variety of ways to relax, and it is worth exploring several to find out which suits you.

REMEMBER – Thinking about Relaxation will often make you feel more tense, if this happens, please don’t give up, as it does take time and practice like any other skill you may try and develop.

FIRSTLY – you need to remember that it is o.k. to take a short time for yourself each day to practice, it also gives you the time to rest, thus enabling your body to slow down and re-energise.

SECONDLY – you will need to think about each part of your body in turn and spot where the tensions are, (when was the last time you gave conscious thought to your poor toes?  Just wait I have a blog coming up just about feet!).


Spotting the tensions will come quickly with practice.  Try tensing and relaxing various parts of your body, feel the difference between the two stages.  With practice, you will be able to identify tension quickly and its causes, and also releases tension without too  much conscious effort.

And Relax........

And Relax……..


1.)   Get to know when and why you get tense and make changes in your lifestyle where possible.

2.)   Spot tension at an early stage; get to know where your body gets too tense and what triggers it.  Use this as a signal to deal with it and put into practice your new techniques

3.)   Relax – Practice as often as you need it, not just at the end or the beginning of each day.  Use what you learn and slowly you will become able to relax just by thinking about it.  Don’t at any point force yourself take it gently and slowly – be kind to you.

4.)   When you have found a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed for a length of time ( you know who might!) turn off ‘phone’s and computers, so the sound is minimized.  Some people lie on a bed; others sit in a chair or on the floor.  Then off you go.  (After a time you will learn to switch off and relax in noisy places!!!!)

5.)   KEEP PRACTICING – How will you keep going?  It takes a time to break old habits like tension. It might seem too difficult at times, keep going, YOU WILL GET BETTER AND BETTER.

Quick on the spot Exercise

There are many approaches to stress reduction through relaxation, and no one method is right for everyone or in every setting.

and chill......

and chill……

Here’s a quick exercise  I learned years ago that helped me; many students use in all sorts of situations:

  1. Sit up and back in your chair spine straight so that you feel firmly rooted, legs slightly apart, feet flat on the floor.
  2. Close your eyes, Taking a deep breath in drop your shoulders each time you breath out slowly. Just focus on the breath, in for a count of 3/4 hold for a pause, breathe out to the count of 3/4 and repeat for a few minutes.
  3. Begin to imagine yourself relaxing more each time you breathe in and the tensions flowing away with every out breath.
  4. Finally, when you bring yourself back be mindful of how you are sitting nicely relaxed and feel the difference in comparison to when you began.


Learning to relax is invaluable if you get anxious and remember not just breathing can help, but Meditation/Tai Chi/Swimming/Yoga great techniques that can support stress reduction to – get out there and find that works for you.

Yes, our lives can be stressful and pressured.  It’s difficult to imagine finding the time and energy to do something about it.  However, it is worth the relatively small amount of effort it takes to learn some relaxation techniques.  Relaxation is a ‘transferable skill’ which will not only serve you well in exams, presentations or interviews but also at the dentist or in any other stressful setting, or as a way of helping you to get to sleep.

Enjoy the rest of your journey in a less stressful Mind and Body

Until next time

Diva X







‘The Old Woman’ or What?

‘The Old Woman’ or What?

We all have pet names that our friends and family give us, some kind, some funny and others unprintable. My son calls me ‘the old woman’ and ‘Mother’ usually when I do something that embarrasses him. His eyes go skyward, and he offers a big sigh to the universe wishing I could be normal, he has no chance.  First of all, what the hell is ‘normal’/normality?’ and if I ever found it would I want to subscribe to it? If you have any idea what this word means, if so please enlighten me.

What is it?

What is it?

Still, it got me thinking…yes, I’m back to words again you know how much I love them…  As I naval gaze it occurs to me that the words we assign to people are often dependent on what they are doing and how they behave…for example number 1 son tells me that ‘I am 30 in my head’ and my body/brain is twice that and more,   this is usually when I do what he sees as outrageous things. But he does go along with me coz I’m his MOTHER!

I’m the OAP you see on kid’s swings; the woman who confronts dickheads who park in disabled bays; the business woman who gets a roomful of booted and suited networkers up to do ‘The Wiggle Jiggle’ to teach them about energy; and lots more.

Standing - yet to  Wiggle-Jiggle

Standing – yet to

I remember once going to the local tip to drop off a load of plastic, after waiting for 20 minutes in a queue I pulled out and drove to the front to ask what the hold-up was.  A little ‘jobs-worth’ screamed me to “get back in line” throwing his hands into the air pointing to the back. Now, not one for being screamed at I realised to get back into the said queue I would have to drive fully into the yard to turn around….yes here comes a ‘Mother’ moment.

Rubbish Tip

Rubbish Tip

As I took a leisurely albeit slow drive into the main yard I spotted the plastics skip….to son sat in the passenger seat I asked if he was ready to have fun. “Yes” was the answer – “I’ll open the boot, you jump out grab and dump the plastic and then catch me up, I’ll drive slowly. Got it”? A nod of the head it was a done deal.  So I swung around by the skip, boot went up, son grabbed plastic, charged to skip dumped plastic and ran like the clappers and jumped into the passenger seat. Doors locked and we made our escape; jobs-worth screaming  ‘you can’t do that’, but yes I could, other drivers honking horns and shaking fists but we were gone.  About 5 minutes later son reminded me they had CCTV on the site oops. And when we heard a police siren he made out they were after me….they weren’t.  So what age does that put me at?  Mind you I did watch the post for a few weeks just in case…..

About 5 minutes later son reminded me they had CCTV on the site oops. And when we heard a police siren he made out they were after me….they weren’t.  So what age does that put me at?  Mind you I did watch the post for a few weeks just in case…..


In my research, there is a range of views.

Interestingly in our society there seems to be a thing about a women’s age that suggests there are things she can or cannot do. Now is that so? Let me put you straight….we are awesome creatures…..

One I do like is that I am now a woman of the 3rd age, more defined in my values, attitudes, and beliefs.  To be fully grown in Native American Culture and Tradition you need to reach the age of 52 and I’m past that so am I grown up maybe. In the goddess tradition, you are a  Maiden between birth and childbirth; a Mother between childbirth to menopause; a Maga between menopause to retirement; a Crone between retirement to death.

In the goddess tradition, you are a  Maiden between birth and childbirth; a Mother between childbirth to menopause; a Maga between menopause to retirement; a Crone between retirement to death.

So poignant...

So poignant…

Labels going on everywhere

It’s going on everywhere.  This week I read that 60 is the new 40 and 80 is the new 60. Soon it will be it doesn’t matter just be as old as you feel and that I believe this the right attitude.  Mind you many want to stay/look young forever, what’s that all about? Who is making the money?

However, it got me musing about what label could I give myself? Do I want a label? Would a label excuse my behaviour when I ‘wear purple and spit’?  The idea of ‘Vintage’ sounds good, like a cheese or bottle of wine (yes, food is a passion).  Now, what about ‘Wise Woman’? That sounds solid and all knowing I like that.  But I could also pitch for the label ‘Wild Woman’ that gives me a big grin on my face and the ‘Wicked’ side of me begins to emerge…Now, what label would you give yourself if any?

Now, what about ‘Wise Woman’? That sounds solid and all knowing I like that.  But I could also pitch for the label ‘Wild Woman’ that gives me a big grin on my face and the ‘Wicked’ side of me begins to emerge…Now, what label would you give yourself if any?

Oops digression again

I have totally digressed from what I was going to write this blog about which was ‘What’s the old woman going to do next’. I was supposed to look at stages of life and work and how we get to completing school through to retirement that will have to be another blog.

All I know is that I am in my own driver’s seat; I fly my own plane; my life is mine; I have the courage of my convictions; I am bold, Oh, and I think I will give up on the labels and continue being a DIVA!

Until tomorrow – continue being you….

Diva x

The Musings of a Self-Confessed Diva

The Self-Confessed Diva has taken up the challenge to write a daily blog a day for 30-days  starting 1st July 2016.  Now this is a day after I attempted my 1st ever 50,000 words in a month (yes that was June for those of you trying to work it out).  Said 50,000 words would become the basis for my book; (I did over 35,000).  Glutton for punishment I hear you think…Nah…let me tell you, I’m a big gal and although I don’t multi-task I can slap a few words down on the old machine.

Well, the blogs are supposed to be loosely about my business. But as I’m retired I choose to bang on about all sorts of things life chucks my way.  So I’ve decided it’s going to be an eclectic mix of my daily lives. However throughout it, you will get smatterings of my love for all things ‘Mindful’ ‘Spiritual’ and a splatter of how to eat chocolate & chorizo, drink Prosecco, wear purple streaks in my hair and shall I say it…spit. Did you notice I put the words mindful and spiritual in inverted commas, coz I can but I also love both words.. (but I also love the word hubris and will need to figure out where to put that!).

I try my utmost to live my life as mindfully as possible passing on top mindful tips and exercise to any poor soul who will listen. So who is this Mindful Diva and what might she share I hear you ask (you may not ask, but you are getting the answer anyway!)

My friends will tell you I am an ‘Old Hippie’ yes I am I was at Woburn Abbey in 1967 when Stevie Marriot then with Small Faces tried to burn the stage down….and it was a primitive experience –

I left home lived in a commune and slept on floors for a while but got a backache so decided it was time to find a bed which I did. From then I embarked on a journey I loved, with up and downs.  I was asked in an interview what advice I would give my 16-year-old self if I could go back and meet her now. My answer was “do nothing any different you are on your path you need the life experiences to shape you on your journey just continue as you are you’ll end up at the right place”.

I go in ‘where angels fear to tread’.  Yes give me a cause and if it sits well with my values and beliefs; I will get in there and support;  My son says that I am 30 in my head and need to remember my real age (twice that plus a couple more!). Yes, he gets frustrated at my antics especially when I front up people who park in disabled bays with no blue badge….what he hasn’t clocked yet is I only do it when he’s with me as who is going to challenge an old woman with a 6ft 1in minder in tow.

My tribe whose voices’ I listen to give me honest feedback, and I love them for it…now when I say honest I don’t mean abusive.  They understand that as I am an older Diva I am allowed to ‘get away’ with certain things but the do remind me if I overstep the mark.


Me as a young Diva

I don’t always use diplomacy, I have little time for ‘beating around the bush’ we only have each moment why waste them? But I do tell them how it is in a kind way noticing my body language and my intonations…and use humour as an all round good egg.

So what can you expect from this blog of mine?…..I have no idea, something will no doubt pop into my head, and away I will go. During July I do have six days of a creative textiles workshop which will include bubble wrap, washers, tinfoil, paint, material, bin liners, so you might get a glimpse into the greater depth and creative part of a Diva.

I got kicked out of art at school at the tender age of 11 coz I was deemed as rubbish at the subjects given. I was sent to referee the school netball and learned how to be ‘bossy’.  I would call it ‘leadership skills’ but assertive girls are labelled the ‘B’ word even now.  It was years later when my confidence in my ability to understand form/subject/colour was restored by an eccentric woman at Arts in Action  who had a bucket of wildflowers and got me painting them, she gave me permission to go wild, I did and never looked back….I am an artist…. (I use the term loosely).

nice diva flowers

Just like what I painted

Well, we might be at the beginning of a new relationship. You’re reading this and me, I’m waiting for your feedback. You might decide to come back and see what else I decide to write; now that would be brave….whatever you decide. Thank you for reading this and for taking those few minutes of your precious time to spent with me and my musings…

Until tomorrow –  you will never know what’s coming unless you look – happy musings


Do you remove your Mask? – are you authentic or just acting a role in the play called LIFE?

Do you remove your mask?   Are you authentic or just acting a role in the play called LIFE? My friend Mike Gardner (The Time Doctor) mentioned this week that #‎morehonestyandintegrity was really required in excellent Business Practice – I agree and also think it should pan out into our own lives…. Yep; I fail quiet spectacularly at times as many of you know but I’m still a Diva…I just continue to believe in me hence sharing that there should be no gaps between the real you; the business you; the spiritual you; It’s about authenticity; congruence; values; and self-reflection to start with.

However, where does this begin, some would say at school, maybe but I have spent years of watching people in networking groups; training seminars; trade fairs; workshops etc. espouse how great they are and how you need them/their product when really all they just want is to flog you something I say ‘GET A STALL ON A MARKET AND LETS SEE IF YOU COULD CUT IT!’…for example, how many of you can relate to the following? Continue reading