Strength and Stability in your Life/World

Strength and Stability.

Strength/Stability – Powerful words that you can use as an affirmation or as a supportive and mindful reminder that you can do anything you set your mind to it.

These are two of my favourite words and ones I find most empowering.  I have students who use them every day to centre and balance themselves.  Others use the words when they have to go into meetings or give presentations. In class, we use them just as a straightforward affirmation or sometimes incorporate a visualisation with them.

Both words can lead you to Grounding yourself for the task ahead – for more on grounding follow

Getting started

For the affirmation,

On the in breath hear the word STRENGTH in your mind as you fill the belly and pause, on the out breath hear the word STABILITY as you release slowly and just keep this going for a couple of minutes ‘feel’ the words as you say them.  This will raise your confidence and energy – you can do whatever it is you need to do.

You might need to visualise the two words several times before embarking on what you are going to do.

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Relaxation Therapy – BLISS

Relaxation Therapy  Why?  It is crucial to our well-being that we acknowledge tension in our body and mind.  Over time we accumulate many experiences which stay with us affecting emotional, physical, psychological, social and spiritual well-being.  A few of these experiences affect our equilibrium or balance in many facets of our lives causing possible illnesses as we continue to live with the ongoing tension caused.  This tension needs to be released if we are to move forward and we need to discover ways in which we can let go and become liberated.  Our subconscious stores all of these memories which then become the blue-print for how we present ourselves to the world and the habits and behaviours we exhibit, some conscious others unconscious.

Learning how to relax the body and the mind is a wonderful way to re-educate your whole being and identify a range of ways to let go of old patterns which hold you back and thus discover new ways to respond to the world you live in. 

Relaxation Therapy is a method of empowerment which can become a way of life offering you a freedom you have rarely experienced as you let go of the conditioning you have become accustomed to.  We all encounter  and respond to the ‘stressful’ times in our lives which can lead to a range of conditions that debilitate us, therefore learning to ‘let go’ of negative behaviour patterns and replacing them with new and positive ones can only empower the individual who can ‘experience the euphoria of being liberated’ (Morgan, D. 2008)

Relaxation Therapy gives you the opportunity to discover the ‘real you’ and identify what you want from life. It enables you to consider and prioritize the changes you need to make and although it can be hard work.  The release of all that stored tension and stress sets you free.

Both 30 minute and 60 minute treatments are in a ZERO Gravity chair and I use a range of techniques to help you to learn to relax and you have a short action plan to take with you.

All sessions are on an individual basis and will differ from one person to another.  Most people need an agreed number of sessions with a review at appropriate times.  For some, ‘Life/Work Balance Mentoring’ ™ may be a more appropriate pathway (see ) further information can be sought by contacting Donnah at ‘abfablife’