Winner takes it all – 30-day Blogging Done.

Winner – that’s me.

I’m a Winner! I put myself out for a challenge in July and today I completed it.  What an achievement. A significant bit of Self-Actualisation

       Self-Actualisation              I'm a Winner

I’m a Winner

How do I feel?

As a self-confessed poor completer-finisher (team roles) it’s a miracle! Yes, they happen all the time we just don’t see or feel them.

Even as a winner I can procrastinate with the best of you, however, I have found that if it is something I am passionate about it eventually gets done – in Diva Time.

I can say that there were days when I was exhausted as I am battling Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and brain fog  takes over – to get a glimpse of that world is like here’s my take on it. Blog link

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The Musings of a Self-Confessed Diva

The Self-Confessed Diva has taken up the challenge to write a daily blog a day for 30-days  starting 1st July 2016.  Now this is a day after I attempted my 1st ever 50,000 words in a month (yes that was June for those of you trying to work it out).  Said 50,000 words would become the basis for my book; (I did over 35,000).  Glutton for punishment I hear you think…Nah…let me tell you, I’m a big gal and although I don’t multi-task I can slap a few words down on the old machine.

Well, the blogs are supposed to be loosely about my business. But as I’m retired I choose to bang on about all sorts of things life chucks my way.  So I’ve decided it’s going to be an eclectic mix of my daily lives. However throughout it, you will get smatterings of my love for all things ‘Mindful’ ‘Spiritual’ and a splatter of how to eat chocolate & chorizo, drink Prosecco, wear purple streaks in my hair and shall I say it…spit. Did you notice I put the words mindful and spiritual in inverted commas, coz I can but I also love both words.. (but I also love the word hubris and will need to figure out where to put that!).

I try my utmost to live my life as mindfully as possible passing on top mindful tips and exercise to any poor soul who will listen. So who is this Mindful Diva and what might she share I hear you ask (you may not ask, but you are getting the answer anyway!)

My friends will tell you I am an ‘Old Hippie’ yes I am I was at Woburn Abbey in 1967 when Stevie Marriot then with Small Faces tried to burn the stage down….and it was a primitive experience –

I left home lived in a commune and slept on floors for a while but got a backache so decided it was time to find a bed which I did. From then I embarked on a journey I loved, with up and downs.  I was asked in an interview what advice I would give my 16-year-old self if I could go back and meet her now. My answer was “do nothing any different you are on your path you need the life experiences to shape you on your journey just continue as you are you’ll end up at the right place”.

I go in ‘where angels fear to tread’.  Yes give me a cause and if it sits well with my values and beliefs; I will get in there and support;  My son says that I am 30 in my head and need to remember my real age (twice that plus a couple more!). Yes, he gets frustrated at my antics especially when I front up people who park in disabled bays with no blue badge….what he hasn’t clocked yet is I only do it when he’s with me as who is going to challenge an old woman with a 6ft 1in minder in tow.

My tribe whose voices’ I listen to give me honest feedback, and I love them for it…now when I say honest I don’t mean abusive.  They understand that as I am an older Diva I am allowed to ‘get away’ with certain things but the do remind me if I overstep the mark.


Me as a young Diva

I don’t always use diplomacy, I have little time for ‘beating around the bush’ we only have each moment why waste them? But I do tell them how it is in a kind way noticing my body language and my intonations…and use humour as an all round good egg.

So what can you expect from this blog of mine?…..I have no idea, something will no doubt pop into my head, and away I will go. During July I do have six days of a creative textiles workshop which will include bubble wrap, washers, tinfoil, paint, material, bin liners, so you might get a glimpse into the greater depth and creative part of a Diva.

I got kicked out of art at school at the tender age of 11 coz I was deemed as rubbish at the subjects given. I was sent to referee the school netball and learned how to be ‘bossy’.  I would call it ‘leadership skills’ but assertive girls are labelled the ‘B’ word even now.  It was years later when my confidence in my ability to understand form/subject/colour was restored by an eccentric woman at Arts in Action  who had a bucket of wildflowers and got me painting them, she gave me permission to go wild, I did and never looked back….I am an artist…. (I use the term loosely).

nice diva flowers

Just like what I painted

Well, we might be at the beginning of a new relationship. You’re reading this and me, I’m waiting for your feedback. You might decide to come back and see what else I decide to write; now that would be brave….whatever you decide. Thank you for reading this and for taking those few minutes of your precious time to spent with me and my musings…

Until tomorrow –  you will never know what’s coming unless you look – happy musings