You and your ENERGY

So, what is energy and when was the last time you felt your energy was depleted?  Well, for me it can be when I have not fully focused on what I am doing and then others come along and slurp it away….not that they do it intentionally its often at a subconscious but they know they like being near my energy.  We all know that evidence from Einstein and now the mass of quantum physics/mechanics around that energy is within us and outside of us affecting our everyday lives.

So who slurps away your energy? Once you know that, you are on your way to considering how to protect yourself. – Take a few minutes to think about whom in your circle you let deplete you, who has been with you and when they leave you feel knackered…..yes its often those closest to us too but it is also YOU as you give it away!.  Once you have an idea who it is then you work out the strategies that will be best to protect you; for example assertiveness can work, positive confrontation, positive ‘self-talk’, deflection, good old protection; I used to visualise a bell jar coming over me to the tune of ‘Thunderbirds’ thus by setting the intention I was protected and my energy remained with me. Only YOU can do something about it.

How many of you have stood next to someone and shivered, feeling like you didn’t want to get close? That’s your energy and theirs not blending well and a warning to be careful.

What about the ‘gut feeling’ you get from time to time, that’s your energy reminding you to be aware – do you take note?

We let go of energy on different levels too; Physical – by remaining static and a couch potato our physical levels become very sluggish, the same with eating junk/processed foods, so energy is again depleted and we feel to tired to do anything – you know those times at about 3pm when you feel shattered and need ‘sweet’ things…..yes energy has dipped through ill thought out choices at lunch time.  Emotionally we deplete energy by focusing on situations we have no control over and give away energy because we ‘want people to like us’. Mentally we worry about the past or about the future and what others think of us again wasting energy; Spiritually we sometimes lose our anchor.

There are ways that we can overcome energy loss, increase levels of wellbeing and become the real energetic self.

Self-care is central to everything we do, becoming aware of  the energy field that surrounds our body (the aura) and runs within (the chakras) is fascinating and that why I concentrate  not only on the 4 main energy levels of the humanbeing but also the Aura and Chakras as they play a large part in where energy is focused or depleted.

We all feel our energy from time to time, remember how you rub your hands together and you feel the warmth? When someone strokes and soothes you how their energy relaxes you?  It there for us to experience all the time – just try it.

Remember we are teeming with energy and if you pay attention to it you will never look back only forward to a beautiful balanced future.

Your task should you decide to have a go is to take 5 minutes every day to sit quietly and feel YOU, your breath, your blood moving around the body, the noises from your stomach, the lungs expanding, the temperature of your extremities – what does it all feel like – become more aware.  As time goes on you will imbed this new behaviour and become far more conscious of your energy – then start to take note.

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  1. Understanding your energy is something I have been learning and it’s amazing the effect it has. Strategies to protect yourself from those who lower your energy have really helped me and I’m definitely in touch with my gut now! 🙂 brilliant thanks Donnah

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