Small Steps – Huge Pay off – Ditch the Stress

Here’s one to ponder:  Small Steps can lead to a great life-work balance – True or False well, let’s explore:

Question – who are the three most important people in your life?  And your responses: Family/Partner/Parents/Friends are the most common

What would you say if I suggested the first should be – SELF?  And that’s not about being selfish it’s about Self-Care.  Once you understand Self-Care, the magic can begin. Review how often you put yourself first, if not why?

Next: Do you have a Life/Work Balance?  Life balance and personal happiness do not necessarily depend on earning more money and being successful at work or in business.

Other things can have a much bigger impact on our well-being such as Self-Care – Self-Care is not being selfish, it’s about looking after YOU then you can look after your life/family/business more successfully.

If you are out of balance, then the other parts of your life will be. Obviously, these change as you develop/age/once you know the real you and we all need to consider what our life/work balance means and what it depends on, however, this is often forgotten when reflecting and planning in life and business.

What makes your life well balanced and happy and how do you ensure you include these strategies/small steps in your life?

  • Try to find a Life Work Balance of 50/50
  • Learn to Tame the Mad Monkeys – those thoughts that stay in your head all day every day! Learning excellent breathing techniques works as does Mindfulness – Check out the APP  Store for a great FREE selection of breathing and meditation practices  Stop Breathe Think 
  • Identify time just for you each day – even if it’s just a walk, sit down and switch off, meet with a friend, have a great soak in the tub, you choose – something just for you.  It could even be a whole day off!

Self-Care Strategies/Small Steps which work:

  • A massive key is how to relax properly and understand the difference between Passive/Focused/Complete and which can lead to a meditative state. These come with practice – just 3 minutes to start with on a regular basis.
  • Assertiveness and learning to say NO! (not rejecting the other person but just saying NO to the request) is life changing and aids self-confidence
  • Time management/Allocate times to all tasks – did you guess right?
  • Listen to gut instinct/knowingness it is a great guide
  • Build in Time for Self – you do it for TV, i pads, computers, phones others, why not self?
  • No multi tasking – too many mistakes get made
  • Empower others (in other words delegate! lol)
  • Stay in the moment – Mindfulness is key
  • Manage your energy – take breaks, don’t let another slurp your energy either (click here)

 Top tips/Small Steps:

  • Freeze-unfreeze – check for tension then let it dissolve
  • Add some focused breathing into your day – 3/5 minutes every so often – releasing tension
  • 3-minute rule – if it can be done in 3 minutes or less just do it – you get tons of half-finished tiny jobs completed
  • Self-care checklist – list what you need to do for you and get on and ‘do it’

It begins to feel like magic as it starts to come together – but small steps peeps one at a time and stop for a bit of reflection……

Until next time – look after Yourself



2 thoughts on “Small Steps – Huge Pay off – Ditch the Stress

    • We all do Julie, thanks for reading the blog, I just like to remind people that others have to take some responsibility but as Moms quite often we take their autonomy away by loving them so much….Dx

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