‘Doing the Doing’

‘What you can do, or dream you can do, begin it; boldness has genius, power and magic in it’ (Goethe 1749-1832)

 So do you ‘do the doing’ or talk about it but never follow through? I have met many human beings who have so much potential but some fail to achieve their goals and visions because of not following through.  Which are you and why might you fail? What enables you achieve?

I travel in all walks of life, observe, listen, mentor, share, facilitate and regularly I hear people say I can’t…because of… or I’ll do it tomorrow, I’ll think about it and then there are the other excuses; ‘I don’t have time/money/space/support’. I find it so poignant that if only they ‘stopped’ and started to ‘do the doing’ – Wow how exciting would that be for them?

My journey into ‘doing’ started 45 years ago when I was told I couldn’t study to be a Nursery Nurse – through ‘doing’ I was privileged to be teaching on NNEB courses 20 years later. As ‘factory fodder’ (career teacher speak for not very bright) I knew I wanted to ‘do’ a degree – I did several academic awards. I made a decision I wanted to pay off my mortgage by the time I was 50 and I succeeded at 49.  In my 50’s I was in a wheelchair and told I may not walk again – I can walk!  But I also ‘do’ lots of other tasks/goals rather than put them off as I dislike having ‘mad monkeys’ whizzing round my brain reminding of all the unfinished ‘stuff’ I have around and keeping me awake at night.

I have realised as I am sure all of you do that to get to where we want to get to, to achieve our dreams we have to get off our bums and get on with it, not just talk about it.

My challenge to you is:   Jot down 1 thing you want to do, now the planning begins, try the 5WH method, What do you want to do? Why do you want to do it?, Who else is there to support you? Where do you expect this to take you? When will you start?  How long have you allocated? NOW START! It may take you a few minutes/hours/ days/weeks/years (it took me several with the mortgage) but you will have started ‘doing the doing’ rather than talking about it. Have a go at visualising how it will feel when you have done it – Feel that Fabulous inner glow.

Its ok not to always know where you want to get to as it’s the journey you take which will enable you determine which pathways you decide to take and small steps are key to all ‘doing the doing’ – as Buddha said, ‘A journey of a 1000 miles beings with the first step’ So what’s going to be your first step in ‘Doing YOUR Doing’? And when will you start?

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