Winner takes it all – 30-day Blogging Done.

Winner – that’s me.

I’m a Winner! I put myself out for a challenge in July and today I completed it.  What an achievement. A significant bit of Self-Actualisation

       Self-Actualisation              I'm a Winner

I’m a Winner

How do I feel?

As a self-confessed poor completer-finisher (team roles) it’s a miracle! Yes, they happen all the time we just don’t see or feel them.

Even as a winner I can procrastinate with the best of you, however, I have found that if it is something I am passionate about it eventually gets done – in Diva Time.

I can say that there were days when I was exhausted as I am battling Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and brain fog  takes over – to get a glimpse of that world is like here’s my take on it. Blog link

Without a doubt, I have loved the creative process of writing my mixed bag of musings. They brought to the forefront memories I had long forgotten like my Nan buying me sweets every Thursday when I lived in a shop that sold sweets, hers were much better!

The connection with words

Having been fortunate to have been connected with Sark Media. I have found out so much more about the craft of writing blogs, and it is an art, a skill that takes a time to develop and refine regularly.  I have had connections with others and learned from their writing and feedback. Thank you to each one who took the time to respond and comment. I have renewed my love of dipping into my imagination not just for Mindfulness and Meditation but for telling a few of my stories like Old Women; Spiders and Rubbish.

Reminders of my journey

  • Winners remember Headings – they lead the reader through your story. I forgot this and am now attempting to be more creative with them.
  • I resurrected forgotten skills, especially with outbound links and using some media and images.  Coming from an academic background, it easy to write long essays but that’s not for blogs, so I am now getting proficient at less than 500 words.  All in just over 30 days (41 in fact).
  • My typing has improved! My spelling not so respectable therefore Grammarly came into operation.
  • Winners listen to feedback, consider and act on it.
  • Generated many ideas for blog – some downright silly (like a story of Pooh!) But you might still get it!
  • My Blog style has developed considerably

New skills and processes

Oh! Those words…Optimising; Meta Tags; Yoast; Key Words and Phrases; and that’s just the first four days of Emails from Sarah. What it has done is spur me on to go back and reread each email to ensure I understand and can translate the information to my work.  I have to learn more about transition words and meta descriptions but that will all come.

The biggest payoff has been traffic to my Blog and Facebook Page which has been brilliant. It’s also been humbling to hear that people have found several of the exercises useful for example the nature sounds and those that can be done at a desk or when out.

Without a doubt it has also had an immense effect on the structure of the book I am writing, and there have been changes to its format and shape – so double-whammy!

I am certain that everyone who has undertaken this challenge will find the journey full of highs and lows; of laughter and tears; of brain-fog and blue skies.  It’s all part of that rich tapestry of life; all part of who you are and will add to who you are becoming on your journey

A Big Diva Hug to all who have been on this journey with me; long may it continue.

Until next time

Diva x

15 thoughts on “Winner takes it all – 30-day Blogging Done.

  1. Woo Hoo You did it Donnah :). Thank you for sharing your learning experiences, and yes, it’s a really challenge – but you did it anyway. Well done, you must be really proud that your hard work is paying off.

  2. What a wonderful post! I’m only on my 50 day of this 30 day challenge and feel like I’m learning so much. I’m excited to see where this leads.

    Best of luck on your continued adventure!

    • You know Mike, it’s not even for someone like me who loves writing – Blogging is an art/craft that takes time to learn and I have learned much from doing the 30 days and yes you have had a part in me going for it %hanxs – I will be back in September to build on the start I have made. Dx

    • Hi Rosemary – yes it does get a bit whoops what am I doing at times and that’s why it took me an extra 11 days to complete – but it’s the journey and I will be back in September, who knows how long the next 30 will take? Just one step at a time and well done on all those days achieved. Dx

    • Hi Irene, yes I will be continuing with a further round in September – I always take August off just to do whatever I fancy – so look out for me I’ll be back. Dx

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