Visualisation: The ancient art of Mind Compassion

Visualisation and Mind Compassion

Visualisation plays a large part in the state of Wellbeing.  You will be aware that at the beginning of August I set a little 7-day Self-Care challenge for those who wish to take it. Today is Day 3.

This mindful challenge will take no more than 10 minutes.  It will reach that part of your brain that often needs respite…Your MIND. I’m sure if you look you will find the time and add a new technique to your Toolbox.

The Mind is in there somewhere

The Mind is in there

Why use Visualisation you may ask?

I’m sure your will remember as a kid you would daydream and imagine, at a physical level the superpowers you had when playing games like film hero’s/heroines.  Maybe just lying in the sun and let your thoughts dwindle and your imagination come to the fore, you find that space where you could escape from the day to day stuff that crowded in on you.

I used to drape a tarpaulin over the washing line, make a sort of tent with it and sit under it in the rain. It became a rain forest and could just listen to the sounds the water made as it hit the tent. I knew I was safe, warm and could then daydream… often forgotten skill.

Magical Tent & Rain Forest

Visualisation A Magical Tent & Rain Forest

Some of you may not remember it as you have covered it with so many layers of life (I call them your onion skins) you have pushed them to the bottom of your being. Maybe the time is right to consciously waken up these skills.

Why Mind Compassion

It appears to me that we are all bombarded by millions of thoughts throughout the day (Brain-Spam) and by using Visualisation Techniques we can show a little compassion to our Mind.  This then cascades to other parts of the body, just focusing on this one key objective.

It slows down the brainwave patterns and brings about a more settled energy. Remember, you are using your imagination very day especially when you:

  • plan
  • problem solve
  • set goals
  • daydream
  • blue sky think

however these are very often related to work or family, therefore YOU and your needs may get forgotten in the scheme of things.

Using a short visualisation process every day can wake up the creative you at any level be it physical/emotional/mental/spiritual or social.

Today’s 10-minute Visualisation

So for today just focus on this scene and let yourself drift into it.  If you find yourself picking up outside thoughts just gently bring yourself back to the water…..Here

By using visualization techniques, you create a mental picture of something or focus on an image or scenario for a period of time.

Author Brenda Mallon whose book ‘Creative Visualisation with Colour’ has so much great content…she discusses, “that creative visualisation is the process of harnessing the power of your mind using imagery to achieve a goal.”

You can certainly use imagery such as Views; Flowers; Candles; Child sleeping; Sunsets; Buildings; you choose just stay in the moment with the image and focus. – Rest the brain.

Furthermore, there is lots of information around about visualisation. But believe me, it is not just about imagining something and then expecting it to materialise…it does not work like that. Please don’t fall into the trap of thinking that it will just need you to ‘put it out there’ and it will appear. You have to ‘Do the Doing’

The more you practice Visualisation you will find it becomes a habit/technique that you regularly use to problem solve/switch off/relax/much more

Take note of where you can plan those few minutes to seize a bit of Self-Care each day and feel the difference.


Until next time….watch out for another bit of Diva Wisdom.

2 thoughts on “Visualisation: The ancient art of Mind Compassion

    • Thank you, Sue, most talk about compassion to others but we do forget ourselves and our mind gets trapped by the stuff our brain chucks at it so I believe it needs a break too. Dx

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