Strength and Stability in your Life/World

Strength and Stability.

Strength/Stability – Powerful words that you can use as an affirmation or as a supportive and mindful reminder that you can do anything you set your mind to it.

These are two of my favourite words and ones I find most empowering.  I have students who use them every day to centre and balance themselves.  Others use the words when they have to go into meetings or give presentations. In class, we use them just as a straightforward affirmation or sometimes incorporate a visualisation with them.

Both words can lead you to Grounding yourself for the task ahead – for more on grounding follow

Getting started

For the affirmation,

On the in breath hear the word STRENGTH in your mind as you fill the belly and pause, on the out breath hear the word STABILITY as you release slowly and just keep this going for a couple of minutes ‘feel’ the words as you say them.  This will raise your confidence and energy – you can do whatever it is you need to do.

You might need to visualise the two words several times before embarking on what you are going to do.

For the visualisation

It’s similar to the affirmation except this is done standing; think queue at the checkout!; waiting to give a presentation; Job Interview.

 Superhero Strength

Superhero Strength

  • Imagine you are tall and strong like a tree and begin to feel you roots going into the ground
  • As you breathe in and fill the belly find yourself getting taller and in your mind say the word STRENGTH‘FEEL’ it
  • Just take a pause feeling the earth’s energy entering your body and filling you with the strength you have asked for.
  • On the out breath say the word STABILITY and feel your feet a hip’s width apart, solidly grounded; notice how your legs and then your body become totally stable.
  • You feel taller stronger, empowered
  • Continue for a few breaths or until it’s right for you to finish.
Grounded Roots - Stable Body & Mind

Grounded Roots – Stable Body & Mind


This can also be done sat down, but the energy isn’t quite as intense for some people.  I have one  student who does this exercise every morning as she is waiting for the water to boil for her pot of tea…..when might you do it?

If you need to boost your self-confidence a little or bring back a bit of balance check out this Blog I shared 3 years ago

I trust you will have found at least one of the 7-day challenges useful to use and if so please share with all others.

Until next time

Diva x

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