Splish, Splash are you taking a Bath

Splish, Splash are you taking a Bath

Ok, so this blog is more about Soaking Away Stressors rather than Splish Splashing…. It’s a Whole Person Compassion Technique but you can chuck water about should you wish to.

Stress Release - Soothe the Body Mind Spirit

Stress Release – Soothe the Body Mind Spirit

It is a successful technique I share with my tribe, and it’s your challenge for day 5 of a 7-day challenge.

How often do you get to a point where you need to give yourself a bit extra? Not just at Physical level but Public/Mental/Emotional/Spiritual levels too?  Without a doubt, you will also need to cleanse your energy after a busy day undertaking all you have to do and all the people and situations you come into contact with.

You will need to set some ground rules with your nearest and dearest so that you can have a bit of space and time just to indulge in this stress reduction Self-Care routine.

Recipe for Energy Cleansing and Stress Release


  1.  1 warm bathroom
  2. 2 fluffy white towels
  3. 1 warm Robe
  4. 1 cup Epsom Salts
  5. 10 drops of Lavender oil
  6. Lovely hot water, (not too hot)


  • Run a bath,
  • Add the Epsom Salts
  • Next the Lavender oil
  • Swish around
  • Notice the silky feel of the water.
  • Get in slowly;
  • Submerge your body up to the neck if you are brave enough
  • Inhale the Lavender vapour
  • Take a few deep breaths in and out and slowly breathe at your own natural rhythm
 Soothe those Stressors Away

Soothe those Stressors
Awa.y. No Splish Splash just calm

Begin to feel more and more relaxed; imagine all the negative energy dissolving and your energy becoming softer and cocooning you like a giant gentle bubble; ….remain in bath for about 10/20 minutes (or a time to suit.); Slowly pull plug, get out;  dry yourself with warm fluffy towels; wrap yourself in a robe; make way to bedroom, climb into a warm clean bed, relax further, then sleep.

Remember – in the Bedroom:

  • No TV
  • Ban the mobile
  • Ditch the iPad/Tablets

Sleep perchance to Dream (Shakespeare)

The bedroom is a place to sleep and make love, not an entertainment centre! All electrical equipment stimulates the brain for hours and keeps you wide awake thus destroying you sleep patterns and the bodies’ way of regenerating.

A great blog from Joshua Becker on clearing the bedroom

Soft lighting and relaxing music is the key. Just imagine how a good night’s sleep will feel –

This technique/exercise be done as a visualization but works so much better for real!  Modified the activity when using a shower; just let the water cascade over the body and feel the sensations of relaxing.

If you do find it difficult to sleep, then the sixth day’s challenge will be for you too. We will look at another exercise.

Until then – happy practice.

Diva x


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