Rugby Players Note; Not just for Ladies

Rugby Players – Not just for the Ladies!

Rugby Players need sensitive hands. Day 4 of the 7-day challenge to ‘Self-Care’.

Hands that can ‘FEEL’ the ball and position it ready to throw in the right direction are crucial to Ruby Players. Therefore this technique/exercise can be for the guys not just for the ladies.

Rugby Players need Sensitive Hands!

Rugby Players need Sensitive Hands!

In fact, I used it once with a bunch of Rugby Players I was working with they loved their soft hands at the end…mind you the guys did say they would drop the ball if the did it before a match so they might get the opposition to practice this technique….

Reduces Work Stress

Several years ago I was commissioned to write a training programme around the subject of Reducing Work Stress.  The following exercise was one I used; the outcome was everyone who attended bought hand cream into work and had it visible on their desk. – guys included.

They would exchange hand creams for others to try.  They had an internal policy. If anyone was using hand massage,  they were left alone for a few minutes as it was a sign they need five minutes out. No one abused the practice. How cool was that?!

Your Self- Care Hand Massage

Before you begin massaging your hands, fingers, and cuticles, take off any  jewellery.  Now, first apply the cream to the back of your hands as this is where it is often the driest, think about the skin that the sun hits the most.

Sun Dried Back of Hand

Sun Dried Back of Hand

Then begin to massage it all over the hand, so your fingers slide across your skin more easily. Wiggle your fingers from time to time giving them a stretch. Next, stretch your hands by flexing them as wide as you can, and then make a fist then gently unfurl; continue to massage both hands equally ensuring you work around the cuticles and the nails as well as the tips of the fingers and palms of the hand.

Close your eyes and experience how it feels to massage your hands, breathing regularly and relaxing your body.  Continue to use these techniques for about 3 or 4 minutes.

Check out this 3 minute Video for motivation

Once you have finished cup your hands and bring them to your face,   smell the fragrance of the cream taking in a couple of deep breaths also feel the warmth of your hands where your energy has been working to help you relax. Take a few moments to just ‘BE’ in this quiet space. Remember you can of course, do this anywhere and think about your feet to they get overlooked all the time.

Until Day 5 – Enjoy you practice should you wish to add it to your Toolbox

Diva x


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