Life-Work Balance Your 5 minute Quick Quiz


Life and Work,“Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life”

I believe we have to put Life first because it is all we have. If we go some way to having a balanced life, then the rest will follow. In truth, not many people reflect on themselves and their needs just everyone else’s.

I ask the question “does balance figure in your life and work?” If not, why not? You need as much ‘Playtime’ as you have ‘Worktime’ Even though you might enjoy your job, you still need time away from it; similar to your personal life you need your ‘work’ to give you an anchor.

Which way does your Balance Tip?

Without a little balance, stressors can begin to creep in, and life moves out of kilter. So, is there anything you might need to change? If so maybe it’s time to ‘Do the Doing’ (check this out)

The Quick Quiz

Just indicate with a yes next to any of these that apply to you and we will see.

Do you:

  1. Find you suffer from persistent tiredness or exhaustion (most of us just say we are knackered!)
  2. Procrastinate – deliberately avoiding things that you need to do (thus having loads of jobs piling up!)
  3. Recognise that your body hold lots of tension especially in the jaw, neck & shoulders leading to headaches
  4. Suffer from migraines, upset stomach, IBS, irritability
  5. Have regular sleep problems where you either can’t sleep or find you are sleeping too much
  6. Have a loss of appetite or find you have increased your eating of ‘junk foods’ or ‘comfort foods.’
  7. Find that time is out of control and you have too much to do
  8. You lack the motivation to get started on tasks and put things off
  9. You find that your mind is in a whirl; you can’t think straight, and those ‘Mad Monkeys’ (all the thoughts that keep crowding into your head) won’t switch off
  10. Have an inability to concentrate or work efficiently on tasks and multi-tasking
  11. Do you feel that you are often under pressure, have no time for yourself and can find that you are often in a panic or jittery
  12. Want to bring balance back into your life?

If you have answered yes to 2 or more, then it could be time to review your lifestyle. Perhaps take a little time out for yourself (remember that this is about ‘SELF-CARE’ it’s not selfish) and try to regain some of those ‘Lost Skills’ that can lead to a more meaningful Life/Work-Balance.

You will have the knowledge and skills to take action; read my blogs they may help. Just think how with a little change you can make a big difference.

Isn’t it time to bring yourself back to you?

If you are already doing all this and have balance – wonderful, get out there and share how to achieve it; so many people need it these days.

Until tomorrow – the last day of the 7-day challenge what will I share?

Diva x

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