Bubbles –They are not just for Kids you know!

Bubbles, who doesn’t love them?

Bubbles you see them and smile. You drink them they fizz, and they tickle. Did you know you can use them for Balance and Relaxation?

Bubbles make you Smile

Bubbles make you Smile

At the end of the summer term, I donate a small gift to  each of my students for having the persistence and commitment to remain with me for another year.

I never know what that gift will be until it jumps out at me; this year it was BUBBLES…. Why on earth would I give a bunch of middle-aged adults kids bubbles?  For three extremely good reasons.

By blowing bubbles from time to time, they would be;

  • Getting Breathing Practice – a Key to Balance and Stability
  • Connecting with the child within (playing!)
  • Visualising themselves being surrounded by a bubble of light

 Bubble of Light Visualisation

Bubble of Light

So therefore without being at  class, they would be continuing their  mindful practice over the break, and could do it with the kids!

The following simple exercise

This is recommended as an effective method for achieving a relaxed state

Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed and practice the following exercise for a couple of minutes – (don’t forget to buy bubbles)

  • Stand tall keeping the spine straight and let your shoulders drop –relax your body checking for any tensions- try to let it go.
  • Focus on the wand and taking a deep breath feel the belly rise or expand gently as you breathe in and fall as you breathe out.
  • As you breathe out, concentrate the air on the wand and liquid.
  • Blow in a steady out breath
  • Slowly and gently – notice the size of bubbles you can achieve
  • As soon as they have popped carry on and repeat for 2 minutes
  • If you notice your mind has wandered off the task notice what it was, that took you away and then gently bring your attention back to your breathing and the bubbles you are blowing.
  • Do this with your Kids too – excellent for sharing mindfulness.

Not only are you regulating your breathing you are connecting with your child within and that is important. We all need to play and take time out from the daily grind.

Benefits of Adults Playing include stress relief and relationship development – What about Play at Work?

At our end of term meal, I presented my tribe with said bubbles and they decided to cover me in them, in the photo, they looked like angels dancing.

Diva Bubbles and Angels Dancing

Diva Bubbles and Angels Dancing

Remember Bubbles also occur in Sparkling Water/Champagne/Cava/ Prosecco – So what’s stopping you from having a few Sparkles in your life?

Until next time

Diva x

11 thoughts on “Bubbles –They are not just for Kids you know!

  1. I adore bubbles and yes, they are an excellent way to connect with your inner child. They are also very zen. I have a small bottle of bubble stuff on my desk all the time, and I just blew a few into the air in the spirit of camaraderie! 🙂

  2. What a great idea for an end of the year gift. Bubbles definitely tend to bring a smile to our faces. I have used bubbles in my therapy office as a strategy to teach children deep breathing, but I haven’t thought of using them with adults.

    • I tell you, Sarah, it’s such fun watching the faces of adults, and the laughter – we were in a pub, and they were brave, not worried about what others thought. Thanks for your response. Dx

  3. As on of the recipients I can testify to the joy they have brought, as well as being a great reminder to have fun, breathe and protect. I have already refilled my little bottle, as the dogs love the bubbles, too!

  4. Bubbles – the great equalizer and staff meeting icebreaker! They can be used for so many learning tasks: teaching patience and perseverance, geometric principles, properties of matter… they are also great for students who have articulation (speech) difficulties (to practice control of their mouth parts) and for kids requiring a sensory diet. I just love this!

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