Winner takes it all – 30-day Blogging Done.

Winner – that’s me.

I’m a Winner! I put myself out for a challenge in July and today I completed it.  What an achievement. A significant bit of Self-Actualisation

       Self-Actualisation              I'm a Winner

I’m a Winner

How do I feel?

As a self-confessed poor completer-finisher (team roles) it’s a miracle! Yes, they happen all the time we just don’t see or feel them.

Even as a winner I can procrastinate with the best of you, however, I have found that if it is something I am passionate about it eventually gets done – in Diva Time.

I can say that there were days when I was exhausted as I am battling Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and brain fog  takes over – to get a glimpse of that world is like here’s my take on it. Blog link

Without a doubt, I have loved the creative process of writing my mixed bag of musings. They brought to the forefront memories I had long forgotten like my Nan buying me sweets every Thursday when I lived in a shop that sold sweets, hers were much better!

The connection with words

Having been fortunate to have been connected with Sark Media. I have found out so much more about the craft of writing blogs, and it is an art, a skill that takes a time to develop and refine regularly.  I have had connections with others and learned from their writing and feedback. Thank you to each one who took the time to respond and comment. I have renewed my love of dipping into my imagination not just for Mindfulness and Meditation but for telling a few of my stories like Old Women; Spiders and Rubbish.

Reminders of my journey

  • Winners remember Headings – they lead the reader through your story. I forgot this and am now attempting to be more creative with them.
  • I resurrected forgotten skills, especially with outbound links and using some media and images.  Coming from an academic background, it easy to write long essays but that’s not for blogs, so I am now getting proficient at less than 500 words.  All in just over 30 days (41 in fact).
  • My typing has improved! My spelling not so respectable therefore Grammarly came into operation.
  • Winners listen to feedback, consider and act on it.
  • Generated many ideas for blog – some downright silly (like a story of Pooh!) But you might still get it!
  • My Blog style has developed considerably

New skills and processes

Oh! Those words…Optimising; Meta Tags; Yoast; Key Words and Phrases; and that’s just the first four days of Emails from Sarah. What it has done is spur me on to go back and reread each email to ensure I understand and can translate the information to my work.  I have to learn more about transition words and meta descriptions but that will all come.

The biggest payoff has been traffic to my Blog and Facebook Page which has been brilliant. It’s also been humbling to hear that people have found several of the exercises useful for example the nature sounds and those that can be done at a desk or when out.

Without a doubt it has also had an immense effect on the structure of the book I am writing, and there have been changes to its format and shape – so double-whammy!

I am certain that everyone who has undertaken this challenge will find the journey full of highs and lows; of laughter and tears; of brain-fog and blue skies.  It’s all part of that rich tapestry of life; all part of who you are and will add to who you are becoming on your journey

A Big Diva Hug to all who have been on this journey with me; long may it continue.

Until next time

Diva x

Bubbles –They are not just for Kids you know!

Bubbles, who doesn’t love them?

Bubbles you see them and smile. You drink them they fizz, and they tickle. Did you know you can use them for Balance and Relaxation?

Bubbles make you Smile

Bubbles make you Smile

At the end of the summer term, I donate a small gift to  each of my students for having the persistence and commitment to remain with me for another year.

I never know what that gift will be until it jumps out at me; this year it was BUBBLES…. Why on earth would I give a bunch of middle-aged adults kids bubbles?  For three extremely good reasons.

By blowing bubbles from time to time, they would be;

  • Getting Breathing Practice – a Key to Balance and Stability
  • Connecting with the child within (playing!)
  • Visualising themselves being surrounded by a bubble of light
       Bubble of Light            Visualisation

Bubble of Light

So therefore without being at  class, they would be continuing their  mindful practice over the break, and could do it with the kids!

The following simple exercise

This is recommended as an effective method for achieving a relaxed state

Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed and practice the following exercise for a couple of minutes – (don’t forget to buy bubbles)

  • Stand tall keeping the spine straight and let your shoulders drop –relax your body checking for any tensions- try to let it go.
  • Focus on the wand and taking a deep breath feel the belly rise or expand gently as you breathe in and fall as you breathe out.
  • As you breathe out, concentrate the air on the wand and liquid.
  • Blow in a steady out breath
  • Slowly and gently – notice the size of bubbles you can achieve
  • As soon as they have popped carry on and repeat for 2 minutes
  • If you notice your mind has wandered off the task notice what it was, that took you away and then gently bring your attention back to your breathing and the bubbles you are blowing.
  • Do this with your Kids too – excellent for sharing mindfulness.

Not only are you regulating your breathing you are connecting with your child within and that is important. We all need to play and take time out from the daily grind.

Benefits of Adults Playing include stress relief and relationship development – What about Play at Work?

At our end of term meal, I presented my tribe with said bubbles and they decided to cover me in them, in the photo, they looked like angels dancing.

Diva Bubbles and Angels Dancing

Diva Bubbles and Angels Dancing

Remember Bubbles also occur in Sparkling Water/Champagne/Cava/ Prosecco – So what’s stopping you from having a few Sparkles in your life?

Until next time

Diva x

Dreams-Rainbows-Lemon Drops-Wonderful World-Music

Dreams we all have them.

Dreams – Do we take the time to visualise or hear them all?

  • Dreams inform our goals, our vision for our future.
  • Rainbows remind me of childhood and pots of gold
  • Lemon Drops are my Nan; she always bought me sweets on a Thursday
  • Finally, Wonderful World, I feel privileged to be part of the World around me and all those I have contact with I love your all and of course I have a real fondness of listening to Louis Armstrong singing about it.

Words are so powerful; take term Your Dreams; it conjures up different recollections and visions for everyone; what does it bring to mind for you?

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars, to change the world”. Harriet Tubman

Previously I have mentioned Words as a Powerful Motivator at several levels; however, Music just hits the very core of everyone and produces emotions.

Music is the strongest form of Magic.

Music is the strongest form of Magic.

It seems that if each of us took five minutes of music each day, then we would be getting 5 minutes of mindful time out.  Therefore I have decided to ask you to join me in listening to one of my very favourite tracks which stimulate a mix of emotions for me depending on where I am at on that day.

Rainbow and our Wonderful World

Appreciate taking a little of your time to listen to this Mash-up which comes from Israel Kamakawiwo’ole.   You don’t have to view the images, close your eyes and just ‘FEEL’ the words; notice your emotions what happens?….be mindful of the whole ‘SELF’ for just 5 minutes.

Now tell me that you didn’t enjoy that….Words and Music a formidable partnership.  What would you recommend that might move or inspire others to Dream and suck Lemon Drops?

Until next time

Diva x




Strength and Stability in your Life/World

Strength and Stability.

Strength/Stability – Powerful words that you can use as an affirmation or as a supportive and mindful reminder that you can do anything you set your mind to it.

These are two of my favourite words and ones I find most empowering.  I have students who use them every day to centre and balance themselves.  Others use the words when they have to go into meetings or give presentations. In class, we use them just as a straightforward affirmation or sometimes incorporate a visualisation with them.

Both words can lead you to Grounding yourself for the task ahead – for more on grounding follow

Getting started

For the affirmation,

On the in breath hear the word STRENGTH in your mind as you fill the belly and pause, on the out breath hear the word STABILITY as you release slowly and just keep this going for a couple of minutes ‘feel’ the words as you say them.  This will raise your confidence and energy – you can do whatever it is you need to do.

You might need to visualise the two words several times before embarking on what you are going to do.

For the visualisation

It’s similar to the affirmation except this is done standing; think queue at the checkout!; waiting to give a presentation; Job Interview.

 Superhero Strength

Superhero Strength

  • Imagine you are tall and strong like a tree and begin to feel you roots going into the ground
  • As you breathe in and fill the belly find yourself getting taller and in your mind say the word STRENGTH‘FEEL’ it
  • Just take a pause feeling the earth’s energy entering your body and filling you with the strength you have asked for.
  • On the out breath say the word STABILITY and feel your feet a hip’s width apart, solidly grounded; notice how your legs and then your body become totally stable.
  • You feel taller stronger, empowered
  • Continue for a few breaths or until it’s right for you to finish.
Grounded Roots - Stable Body & Mind

Grounded Roots – Stable Body & Mind


This can also be done sat down, but the energy isn’t quite as intense for some people.  I have one  student who does this exercise every morning as she is waiting for the water to boil for her pot of tea…..when might you do it?

If you need to boost your self-confidence a little or bring back a bit of balance check out this Blog I shared 3 years ago

I trust you will have found at least one of the 7-day challenges useful to use and if so please share with all others.

Until next time

Diva x

Life-Work Balance Your 5 minute Quick Quiz


Life and Work,“Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life”

I believe we have to put Life first because it is all we have. If we go some way to having a balanced life, then the rest will follow. In truth, not many people reflect on themselves and their needs just everyone else’s.

I ask the question “does balance figure in your life and work?” If not, why not? You need as much ‘Playtime’ as you have ‘Worktime’ Even though you might enjoy your job, you still need time away from it; similar to your personal life you need your ‘work’ to give you an anchor.

Which way does your Balance Tip?

Without a little balance, stressors can begin to creep in, and life moves out of kilter. So, is there anything you might need to change? If so maybe it’s time to ‘Do the Doing’ (check this out)

The Quick Quiz

Just indicate with a yes next to any of these that apply to you and we will see.
Do you:

  1. Find you suffer from persistent tiredness or exhaustion (most of us just say we are knackered!)
  2. Procrastinate – deliberately avoiding things that you need to do (thus having loads of jobs piling up!)
  3. Recognise that your body hold lots of tension especially in the jaw, neck & shoulders leading to headaches
  4. Suffer from migraines, upset stomach, IBS, irritability
  5. Have regular sleep problems where you either can’t sleep or find you are sleeping too much
  6. Have a loss of appetite or find you have increased your eating of ‘junk foods’ or ‘comfort foods.’
  7. Find that time is out of control and you have too much to do
  8. You lack the motivation to get started on tasks and put things off
  9. You find that your mind is in a whirl; you can’t think straight, and those ‘Mad Monkeys’ (all the thoughts that keep crowding into your head) won’t switch off
  10. Have an inability to concentrate or work efficiently on tasks and multi-tasking
  11. Do you feel that you are often under pressure, have no time for yourself and can find that you are often in a panic or jittery
  12. Want to bring balance back into your life?

If you have answered yes to 2 or more, then it could be time to review your lifestyle. Perhaps take a little time out for yourself (remember that this is about ‘SELF-CARE’ it’s not selfish) and try to regain some of those ‘Lost Skills’ that can lead to a more meaningful Life/Work-Balance.

You will have the knowledge and skills to take action; read my blogs they may help. Just think how with a little change you can make a big difference.

Isn’t it time to bring yourself back to you?

If you are already doing all this and have balance – wonderful, get out there and share how to achieve it; so many people need it these days.

Until tomorrow – the last day of the 7-day challenge what will I share?

Diva x

Splish, Splash are you taking a Bath

Splish, Splash are you taking a Bath

Ok, so this blog is more about Soaking Away Stressors rather than Splish Splashing…. It’s a Whole Person Compassion Technique but you can chuck water about should you wish to.

Stress Release - Soothe the Body Mind Spirit

Stress Release – Soothe the Body Mind Spirit

It is a successful technique I share with my tribe, and it’s your challenge for day 5 of a 7-day challenge.

How often do you get to a point where you need to give yourself a bit extra? Not just at Physical level but Public/Mental/Emotional/Spiritual levels too?  Without a doubt, you will also need to cleanse your energy after a busy day undertaking all you have to do and all the people and situations you come into contact with.

You will need to set some ground rules with your nearest and dearest so that you can have a bit of space and time just to indulge in this stress reduction Self-Care routine.

Recipe for Energy Cleansing and Stress Release


  1.  1 warm bathroom
  2. 2 fluffy white towels
  3. 1 warm Robe
  4. 1 cup Epsom Salts
  5. 10 drops of Lavender oil
  6. Lovely hot water, (not too hot)


  • Run a bath,
  • Add the Epsom Salts
  • Next the Lavender oil
  • Swish around
  • Notice the silky feel of the water.
  • Get in slowly;
  • Submerge your body up to the neck if you are brave enough
  • Inhale the Lavender vapour
  • Take a few deep breaths in and out and slowly breathe at your own natural rhythm
 Soothe those Stressors Away

Soothe those Stressors
Awa.y. No Splish Splash just calm

Begin to feel more and more relaxed; imagine all the negative energy dissolving and your energy becoming softer and cocooning you like a giant gentle bubble; ….remain in bath for about 10/20 minutes (or a time to suit.); Slowly pull plug, get out;  dry yourself with warm fluffy towels; wrap yourself in a robe; make way to bedroom, climb into a warm clean bed, relax further, then sleep.

Remember – in the Bedroom:

  • No TV
  • Ban the mobile
  • Ditch the iPad/Tablets

Sleep perchance to Dream (Shakespeare)

The bedroom is a place to sleep and make love, not an entertainment centre! All electrical equipment stimulates the brain for hours and keeps you wide awake thus destroying you sleep patterns and the bodies’ way of regenerating.

A great blog from Joshua Becker on clearing the bedroom

Soft lighting and relaxing music is the key. Just imagine how a good night’s sleep will feel –

This technique/exercise be done as a visualization but works so much better for real!  Modified the activity when using a shower; just let the water cascade over the body and feel the sensations of relaxing.

If you do find it difficult to sleep, then the sixth day’s challenge will be for you too. We will look at another exercise.

Until then – happy practice.

Diva x


Rugby Players Note; Not just for Ladies

Rugby Players – Not just for the Ladies!

Rugby Players need sensitive hands. Day 4 of the 7-day challenge to ‘Self-Care’.

Hands that can ‘FEEL’ the ball and position it ready to throw in the right direction are crucial to Ruby Players. Therefore this technique/exercise can be for the guys not just for the ladies.

Rugby Players need Sensitive Hands!

Rugby Players need Sensitive Hands!

In fact, I used it once with a bunch of Rugby Players I was working with they loved their soft hands at the end…mind you the guys did say they would drop the ball if the did it before a match so they might get the opposition to practice this technique….

Reduces Work Stress

Several years ago I was commissioned to write a training programme around the subject of Reducing Work Stress.  The following exercise was one I used; the outcome was everyone who attended bought hand cream into work and had it visible on their desk. – guys included.

They would exchange hand creams for others to try.  They had an internal policy. If anyone was using hand massage,  they were left alone for a few minutes as it was a sign they need five minutes out. No one abused the practice.  How cool was that?!

Your Self- Care Hand Massage

Before you begin massaging your hands, fingers, and cuticles, take off any  jewellery.  Now, first apply the cream to the back of your hands as this is where it is often the driest, think about the skin that the sun hits the most.

Sun Dried Back of Hand

Sun Dried Back of Hand

Then begin to massage it all over the hand, so your fingers slide across your skin more easily. Wiggle your fingers from time to time giving them a stretch. Next, stretch your hands by flexing them as wide as you can, and then make a fist then gently unfurl; continue to massage both hands equally ensuring you work around the cuticles and the nails as well as the tips of the fingers and palms of the hand.

Close your eyes and experience how it feels to massage your hands, breathing regularly and relaxing your body.  Continue to use these techniques for about 3 or 4 minutes.

Check out this 3 minute Video for motivation

Once you have finished cup your hands and bring them to your face,   smell the fragrance of the cream taking in a couple of deep breaths also feel the warmth of your hands where your energy has been working to help you relax. Take a few moments to just ‘BE’ in this quiet space. Remember you can of course, do this anywhere and think about your feet to they get overlooked all the time.

Until Day 5 – Enjoy you practice should you wish to add it to your Toolbox

Diva x


Visualisation: The ancient art of Mind Compassion

Visualisation and Mind Compassion

Visualisation plays a large part in the state of Wellbeing.  You will be aware that at the beginning of August I set a little 7-day Self-Care challenge for those who wish to take it. Today is Day 3.

This mindful challenge will take no more than 10 minutes.  It will reach that part of your brain that often needs respite…Your MIND. I’m sure if you look you will find the time and add a new technique to your Toolbox.

     The Mind is in there                somewhere

The Mind is in there

Why use Visualisation you may ask?

I’m sure your will remember as a kid you would daydream and imagine, at a physical level the superpowers you had when playing games like film hero’s/heroines.  Maybe just lying in the sun and let your thoughts dwindle and your imagination come to the fore, you find that space where you could escape from the day to day stuff that crowded in on you.

I used to drape a tarpaulin over the washing line, make a sort of tent with it and sit under it in the rain. It became a rain forest and could just listen to the sounds the water made as it hit the tent. I knew I was safe, warm and could then daydream… often forgotten skill.

Magical Tent & Rain Forest

Visualisation A Magical Tent & Rain Forest

Some of you may not remember it as you have covered it with so many layers of life (I call them your onion skins) you have pushed them to the bottom of your being. Maybe the time is right to consciously waken up these skills.

Why Mind Compassion

It appears to me that we are all bombarded by millions of thoughts throughout the day (Brain-Spam) and by using Visualisation Techniques we can show a little compassion to our Mind.  This then cascades to other parts of the body, just focusing on this one key objective.

It slows down the brainwave patterns and brings about a more settled energy. Remember, you are using your imagination very day especially when you:

  • plan
  • problem solve
  • set goals
  • daydream
  • blue sky think

however these are very often related to work or family, therefore YOU and your needs may get forgotten in the scheme of things.

Using a short visualisation process every day can wake up the creative you at any level be it physical/emotional/mental/spiritual or social.

Today’s 10-minute Visualisation

So for today just focus on this scene and let yourself drift into it.  If you find yourself picking up outside thoughts just gently bring yourself back to the water…..Here

By using visualization techniques, you create a mental picture of something or focus on an image or scenario for a period of time.

Author Brenda Mallon whose book ‘Creative Visualisation with Colour’ has so much great content…she discusses, “that creative visualisation is the process of harnessing the power of your mind using imagery to achieve a goal.”

You can certainly use imagery such as Views; Flowers; Candles; Child sleeping; Sunsets; Buildings; you choose just stay in the moment with the image and focus. – Rest the brain.

Furthermore, there is lots of information around about visualisation. But believe me, it is not just about imagining something and then expecting it to materialise…it does not work like that. Please don’t fall into the trap of thinking that it will just need you to ‘put it out there’ and it will appear. You have to ‘Do the Doing’

The more you practice Visualisation you will find it becomes a habit/technique that you regularly use to problem solve/switch off/relax/much more

Take note of where you can plan those few minutes to seize a bit of Self-Care each day and feel the difference.


Until next time….watch out for another bit of Diva Wisdom.

Scan your Body or Forget Your Body: Your Choice?

The Basic Body Scan

Your Body Mind Spirit – During the first few days of August I have set a little Self-Care challenge each day for those who wish to take it. Most of the tasks will take between five and ten minutes not much time in the scheme of life. I know that many will say they don’t have time; if that’s the case your Skills and Techniques Toolbox will be lighter.

Why a Basic Body Scan? In truth, regular scans of your body during the day will

  • aid tension release
  • it will increase your mindful practice
  • bring you back to a necessary balance in your body, breath, and mind.

There are lots of writers who have shared their version of The Bodyscan; my  favourite is one of the first I came across in the very early 1990’s from Eric Harrison ‘Teach Yourself to Meditate’ a ‘fab’ book to use as a tool for development.

The one I share that I developed was with busy people in mind who say they don’t have ‘TIME’ to be mindful…this can be done sitting at a desk, standing in a queue, almost anywhere, scanning upwards raises energy and keeps you more alert – scanning downwards is for more relaxing.

Sitting at Your Desk You can do a Quick Body Scan

Sitting at Your Desk You can do a Quick Body Scan

Take a couple of deep breaths in and slowly scan your body from your toes to your head  – like a barcode, remember by scanning upwards you are raising your energy, begin to notice in which parts of the body the tension lies. Remember to keep your feet flat on the floor and your back straight, this aids energy flow.

Divide your body into five areas

  • Feet & Legs
  • Torso
  • Hands &  Arms
  • Shoulders & Neck
  • Head

Breathe in and out 3/4 times into each area shifting from one part to another and on each out breath feel the tension release…do this at your own rhythm.

You may notice that some out breaths are longer than the in breath that’s  fine – you are releasing old stale air from deep in the lungs. You may find that you need to breathe into one area more than others to let tension go…that’s as it should be. It’s often the Neck; Back; Jaw; Solar Plexus – but check your hands form time to time.

Continue for at least 10 minutes longer if it feels right.

Fancy a longer and deeper Body Scan then check this out

The more you practice this you will find it becomes a habit that you regularly use as your mind if tuning into your body’s needs.

Just notice where you can find those few minutes to grab a bit of Self-Care each day and feel the difference.

Until next time….watch out for another bit of Diva Wisdom.

Diva x

Self-Care vs Social Media – should it be a contest?

Self-Care vs Social Media

Should it be a contest?

Over the next 7 days, I will set a little Self-Care challenge each day for those who want to take it. I know that many will say they don’t have time; well if this is the case get over and see The Time Doctor…

Those of you who read my Blogs know that even though you get a few Musings of a Vintage Diva you also get my take on Mindfulness and Self-Care. After 40 years of ‘People-Work’ I have a bit of insight into what makes them tick or explode having been both sides of the coin myself. However there is only one constant and that YOU.

Mindfulness as a Tool

If you haven’t tried Mindfulness properly then let me remind you what Jon Kabat-Zinn said,  “Mindfulness is not a special state you achieve through a trick or a technique. It is a way of being.” so when you drink a cup of tea, just drink a cup of tea.

So why is Mindfulness so necessary in the 21st century? In truth I believe it helps bring balance and wellness back into lives. It aids combating tiredness and helps to increase energy levels; many students find it can also help with reducing challenges like;

  • Insomnia
  • Lack of self-esteem
  • Low self-confidence
  • High stress levels

Several of my tribe use most of the techniques we practice find that tension in their body reduces considerably. Headaches are reduced and that they believe it aids coping with day to day lives in this busy world. Significantly it helps them to focus on the present rather than rushing furiously into the future or getting caught up in the past.   They keep all these excercises and techniques in their Tookbox/Bag.

Customise your Tool Box

Customise your Tool Box – Bag

Undertaking practice on a regular basis can enable individuals to take further control over their lives and ultimately find time to have more FUN.  In fact just 5/10 minutes essential relaxation included into your daily life will help you greatly and 5/10 minutes a day is far better that 1 hour a week. The daily habit begins to embed into the brain and becomes part of your routine  –  Relaxation is the first key to emotional well-being and helps reduce stress and other ailments once you can learn to relax effectively then Focused Relaxation, Mindfulness & Meditation will be the next stages.

Brain Spam/Mad Monkeys

One of the biggest distractions of learning to relax is the millions of thoughts that come hurtling through the brain.  Buddhists describe the mind as: ‘the mad monkey’ and that relaxation and meditation is a way of training that monkey.

Tame the little buggers!

Tame the little buggers!

Because when we are at the beginning of undertaking our relaxation practice, we are leaping from one thought to another just like the monkey jumping from tree to tree with no purpose, planning, we are illogical, erratic and irrational.   However, if you use the monkey as an analogy for your attention then you can begin to train your attention gently to focus on breathing, subtle feelings, symbols or images and thus cut down the times you leap from tree to tree until you become proficient in just focusing on relaxation

Lets start with DAY 1 – Practial Relaxation


PUT THE LAPTOP DOWN! Let Go of Social Media for 10 Minutes

Have a Practice  this one I have used for years; similar can also be found at; Quick, on-the-spot relaxation:

  1. Sit up and back in your chair so that you feel firmly rooted, legs slightly apart, feet flat on the floor. back straight, this keeps you energy flowing
  2. While you take a deep breath, letting it out slowly and drop your shoulders. Close your eyes if it helps. Focus on your breathing. Breathe in slowly to a count of three or four – hold for a count of three – breathe for a count of three or four – pause for a count of three. Repeat at your own even, comfortable rhythm.  It can help to imagine yourself relaxing more each time you breathe in and the tensions flowing away with every out breath.
  3. Next, slowly tense, hold, and release the main muscle groups, working up through your body. Start with toes and feet; tense as much as possible, hold and release. Move on to legs and thighs, stomach and torso, in the same way.  Paying particular attention to your back and shoulders, this is where we hold a lot of tension.  Then work on your fingers hands and arms..  If you are brave enough, screw up the muscles of your face and neck and slowly release.
  4. Return to focusing on your natural breathing and check your body for any remaining tension just like a slow bar-code machine.
  5. Finally, check your seating position, drop your shoulders again, and place your hands comfortably on your upper legs and concentrate on the sensation of warmth as it flows out through your hands.

The Payoff

Everyone is aware that research shows that most people use Social Media for a minimum of 45 minutes a day, TV much longer, are you worth just 10 minutes. Should it be a contest or should you put yourself first? #JustSayin

Check out Tiny Buddha for more Self-Care ideas

Learning to use relaxation as a Self-Care tool in this way can be invaluable if you get anxious in public places and need to sit somewhere to compose yourself . Use it at work when you feel overwhelmed, it is well worth the 5 minutes to put your pen down or leave the computer and completely erase the scrambled thoughts from your brain! (some of my tribe go off to the loo to relax for a few minutes to get away from the distractions.). Can Social Media do this for you?

Give Mindful Relaxation a go, with practice you will embed it and use it as a tool from your toolbox/bag.

Day 2 tomorrow….Watch out for it…..

Diva x