Donnah Morgan & abfablife

Well who is Donnah Morgan & abfablife. I would say I  have quite an eclectic background. My friends will tell you I am a ‘Hippie Chick’. I go in where angels fear to tread My son says that I am 30 in my head and need to remember my real age! My clients and students whose voices’ I listen to give me honest feedback (see What People Say).

Background to Donnah Morgan & abfablife

I started my working life in social work in inner-cites back in the 1970’s. Undertook my training and I worked with very stressed and marginalised groups who taught me much about life. 20 years ago I was invited to use my knowledge and skills in teaching and facilitating learning a local College. Whilst there I added to my qualifications and was part of the team that set up a Business School. Working again with groups of adults who had a hard time in early education I was privileged to have the opportunity to see so many people fulfill their full potential.

During 1995 my passion for sharing how life-work balance, understanding how we all operate on many levels; that learning simple techniques for reducing stressors enable people free themselves from so many layers of constraints that wrap around them. I decided to set up my first relaxation classes in a local village hall after being approached by friends and asked if I would teach them techniques to help alleviate stress and anxiety. This I did and my first classes commenced.

In 2007 I was ready to set up abfablife on a full-time basis. Classes, workshops, 1-2-1 sessions and retreats all became a reality. Much of my work has been a fusion of looking at practical skills/techniques and applying them to everyday life.  I have always had a passion for Yoga, Tai-chi, Relaxation, Mindfulness, Meditation, the Esoteric. I am passionate about self and spiritual development. I find they added such great benefits to my life which like everyone has had its highs, lows and downright horrible times……and I can safely say I have experienced highs and lows including learning to walk again.

Over the years I have watched friends, colleagues and people in general (myself included) rushing and racing around having such busy lifestyles that they forget to stop and consider themselves and look at the wonders that each day presents.  I have developed classes and workshops which aim to enable people take a little time for, ‘self’ and be considerate to themselves.  I believe that once you look after yourself, then you can begin to look after others more effectively. One of my unique selling points (besides Myself) is that as each person is an individual therefore all sessions are tailored to individual needs even in classes and workshops – Differentiation is paramount.

I have a wide range of recognised qualifications including a BPhil (B’ham)/Executive Diploma in Mgmt (CMI)/PGCE (Greenwich) and I am also a Meditation Teacher and Reiki Practitioner.  I am insured for all my classes, workshops and individual sessions.