Donnah Morgan & abfablife

Well who is Donnah Morgan & abfablife. Spring Ca

I would say I  have quite an eclectic background. My friends will tell you I am a ‘Hippie Chick’. I go in where angels fear to tread My son says that I am 30 in my head and need to remember my real age! My clients and students whose voices’ I listen to give me honest feedback (see What People Say).

Background to Donnah Morgan & abfablife

I’ve had a really eclectic life, from being homeless, to becoming a social worker then lecturer, spending 4 years in a wheelchair and later on a business woman. However the one strand which has meandered alongside all of this has been my passion for Meditation/Mindfulness/Relaxation and I love sharing what I know with others and also learning from them. My classes have now run for nearly 20 years; they are fun and informal, with a key topic for every term and I am guided by what students need rather than what I want to do….

Getting Life/Work balance right is no easy feat in the 21st century and we all have ‘Wobbles’ from time to time, so by learning simple techniques for reducing stressors can enable people free themselves from so many layers of constraints that wrap around them.  commenced.

I have a wide range of recognised qualifications including a BPhil (B’ham)/Executive Diploma in Mgmt (CMI)/PGCE (Greenwich) and I am also a Qualified  Meditation Teacher and Reiki Practitioner and hold a Diploma in Mindfulness from The International Association of NLP & Coaching.  I am insured for all my classes, workshops and individual sessions.

Want to know more then just contact me…..Dx